Monday, 20 October 2014

BOLT Ensemble - Footscray Community Arts Centre - 23 Oct 2014

Concert 3 features the BOLT Ensemble and sound machines created by Hullick and Richard Allen over the last 10 years. Schizoid No. 1 defies rationalization through constant and erratic change. It contemplates and trickery of the mind, but what is the mind? The highly conceptual Uno Series features special lighting and video in a series of works that frame one action each. Some are less than one second long while others are static drones. The last piece in this concert is Threshold, created in partnership with the Bionic Ear Institute and cochlear implant users for people with and without cochlear implants. The work revels in the excess of sonic materiality where the careful listener is rewarded by hearing the sounds embedded in the fabric of noise.


Schizoid No. 1 BOLT Orchestra and sound machines

Uno Series BOLT Orchestra, sound machines and electronic sound

Threshold BOLT Orchestra and electronic sound 

(fowarded from Adam Simmons)

Deity Sat 25th Oct feat River of Heaven, Miles Cosmo, Suicide By Cop & Abre Ojos

Deity - On the eve of all Hallow’s Eve and under a full moon four diverse acts play a night dedicated to any and all deities. Each musician conjures their own spirits, to their own rhythms with their own machines. Join the cacophony of devotion. 

Tickets $10/$5conc 
Sat 25th Oct - doors open 8.00pm at
Conduit Arts 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy
River Of Heaven: the River of Heaven is culmination of Dase Beard's obsession with aluminium instruments, simple song structures, a frail voice and an abundance of reverb.

Miles Cosmo: Miles Cosmo produces vintage synth sounds as rich and thick as his full ginger beard. 
IDM, chillwave, techno, house and glitch influences mix with rich melodies and catchy hooks in hardware heaven.

Suicide By Cop: Hailing from the heart of Melbourne's industrial west, Suicide by Cop is an audio/visual project with extreme sensibilities, approached with an emphasis on pushing hardware beyond its intended function to create a relentless wall of droning noise and chaotic freeform video.

Abre Ojos invokes the elements of this world and the next through deep frequencies of sound and light. Brutal meditation to match this brutal world. The gates have fractured and the bounty is yours.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

re::set Trainspotters INC - Upfield Bike Path - 31 Oct 2014

As part of MoreArt 2014, re::set colletive presents re::set Trainspotters INC

A night of performances and live art along the Upfield Bike Path in Brunswick

Friday October 31st 
6.30pm -10pm

(forwarded from Camilla Hannan)

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Erotic speedcore. Trendy breakcore. Sadcore.

Eclectic breakcore/raggacore/IDM/music of the universe.

Sine-wave based melodic hum-drone, slipping pitch-sliding harmonies, octaving loops, field recordings and vocal works with projection.

Blackened dystopian noisescapery courtesy of Shane Van Den Akker & Ciaran Geoghegan.

The Drunken Boat is Dale Chapman and Tim Panaretos playing an assortment of instruments and electronic devices, some of them handmade. The sounds they make wander about (not aimlessly) on a continuum from spacey ethno-drone ambience to shit-core rock n' roll minimalism to spastic noise cacophony and not always back again.

fffvked up indulgent cello loop distortion yyyyah

Doors/Food from 6:00pm
$5 entry
539 Plenty Rd. Preston

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Invitation for Bell Ringers



15 locations/15 minutes/15 days

Geoff Robinson

10-24 November 2014 Federation Square


15 locations/15 minutes/15 days is an event based project by artist Geoff Robinson for the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture. The project will chart the duration of the exhibition through sound and sculpture. 15 coloured posts will be situated in different locations in Federation Square and once a day on the hour 15 participants will strike a hand bell at a post for 15minutes. Each day the posts are reconfigured and the hand bells are performed one hour later.


Participating in the project would involve arriving 10 minutes before the performance, collecting a hand bell and ringing the bell for 15 minutes.  If you are interested and available any of the  dates and times below please contact me at and I will book you in. You are welcome to participate as many days as you like (many participants are doing 3-5days) and families and friends can also be involved.


Performance dates and times: Monday 10 November 6am, Tuesday 11 November 7am (& 4pm preview event), Wednesday 12 November 8am, Thursday 13 November 9am, Friday 14 November 10am, Saturday 15 November 11am, Sunday 16 November 12noon, Monday 17 November 1pm, Tuesday 18 November 2pm, Wednesday 19 November 3pm, Thursday 20 November 4pm, Friday 21 November 5pm, Saturday 22 November 6pm, Sunday 23 November 7pm and Monday 24 November 8pm.

(forwarded from Geoff Robinson)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sororal soundtrack - Christopher de Groot

Australian giallo film soundtrack released on Swedish label and receives nomination for APRA Film Score of The Year

Australia's first giallo film Sororal is currently making waves at genre film festivals around the world. The soundtrack composed by Northcote based composer Christopher de Groot features a 10-piece brass section, 16-piece choir, two drum kits, electric guitar, electric cello, a barrage of analogue synthesizers and a Hungarian cimbalom. The score takes inspiration from prog-rock, kraut-rock, as well as Bulgarian choir music, 20th Century avant-garde classical works and classic giallo scores from the likes of soundtrack band Goblin and legendary Italian film composer Ennio Morricone.

This unique and bizarre score has been nominated at this years APRA Screen Music Awards for Feature Film Score of The Year.

The soundtrack is released through Screamworks Records [Sweden]


About Sororal
Shot on location in Western Australia Sororal, a Nakatomi Pictures production, is currently making appearances at genre film festivals around the world, and will be the prelude to a performance by legendary Italian soundtrack band Goblin at Grimmfest 2014 in Manchester, UK. Inspired by lurid Italian horror films, Sororal lays claim to being Australia’s first giallo film.

A diverse and bizarre film, Sororal mixes a heady whirlwind of genetic experimentation, mind control, and telekinetic power struggles with twisted artworks. Sororal’s heroine, Cassie (Amanda Woodhams) is a troubled artist who tries to make sense of her vivid, violent dreams by committing her visions to canvas.

(forwarded from Christopher de Groot)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dead Boomers 'Privilege&Obscenity' Launch

Dead Boomers deal in heavy electronics and black humour. 'Privilege&Obscenity' is the duo's new cassette EP on their own label Sabbatical, following 2013 releases on Iron Lung (US) and Cipher Productions (TAS). This new release will be launched at The Grace Darling Hotel on Thursday 16 October. Joining Dead Boomers are Complete (Brent Stegeman of Heirs and Whitehorse), Vacuum (Jenny Branagan of Nun and Andrea Blake of Asps) and Lucid Castration (Liam Osborne of Freejack and the Future Archaic label). Doors at 8pm, $10 entry.