Friday, 20 May 2016

GNAUMGN at IRENE'S in 2011

What were you doing in May of 2011? 
Do you have an alibi? 
Seriously, who knows? 
It was five years ago for fuck's sake! 
Sweet jeebus on a stick!  

Well, this is what free-noise rock-jazz punk-ambient Melbourne duo GNAUMGN (pronounced "nom") were doing. 

GNAUMGN - live at Irene's, 2011

Finally uploaded, 5 years too late, and in pure pixellated nekrovision.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Massfacts: Live at Neon Parlour
793 High St, Melbourne, Australia 3071
Saturday 28 May 2016
Radio Cegeste (NZ)
Pat O'Brien
Doors 5:30pm / $5 ENTRY / BYO
Live sound by Marcus Cook

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Experimental Melbourne Google calendar

This blog has had a Google calendar since 2010 (I can barely believe it's been that long), but I don't think many people use it. I will retire the calendar soon in the interests of making this blog easier to administer, unless a lot of people here speak up to it's value to them (leave your comments here).

GAIP 'gather' and 'Intersection 2'

GAIP ‘gather’

GAIP (General Assembly of Interested Parties) in conjunction with TESTING GROUNDS presents gather, a 24 hour performance event on May 14/15, 2016 at Testing Grounds, 1 – 23 City Road, Southbank, Saturday 6:00 pm. until Sunday 6:00 pm.

From the GAIP website:

gather will function, in part, as a closing ceremony, marking the end of a chapter for Testing Grounds (which will undergo a major upgrade over winter).

There will be no programmed performances, instead, spontaneous, adhoc, on-the-spot collaborations, and an improvisational approach to performance of any material will be the predominant mode of relation, forming a constantly negotiated improvisational ecology.

Video from a 2014 GAIP event at Testing Grounds:

Intersection 2

Thursday May 19, 2016, 11am-1pm, cnr of Swanston and La Trobe Streets, Melbourne.

Public space event orchestrated by Ren Walters, following on from last year’s Intersection event (video below).

La Mama MUSICA Autumn Concert #2, 2016

Monday 16th May, 7.30pm:

'Restless' created by
Nat Grant (percussion)  and Belinda Woods (flutes) and

Miranda Hill 
(double bass) and Gemma Horbury (brass)
Composer, percussionist and sound-artist Nat Grant has invited three fellow improvisers – Gemma Horbury (brass), Belinda Woods (flutes)
and Miranda Hill (bass) – to join her for this concert
inspired by ideas of sleep, insomnia and waking thoughts.
The show will feature improvisations and compositions by these four local composer/performers, playing solos, duos, perhaps a trio and certainly ‘all-in’. Although they’ve played with each other on different projects,
this is their debut in this configuration.

Nat Grant’s work explores intersections between improvisation, chance and intention in the development of sound as a sculptural medium. Her solo performances integrate electronic processing and sampling with acoustic percussion instruments and found objects. Nat holds a PhD in Music Composition from the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). She performs regularly at venues around Melbourne, and is frequently engaged in projects and performances that invite her audience to be part of the process or realisation of an artwork.
Belinda Woods is an improvising Flautist who explores the use of texture, contour and polyphony within a stylistically diverse creative practice. Focusing on the acoustic properties of her instrument she incorporates an array of timbres and techniques, weaving a rich sonic tapestry of melodic constructs.
Miranda Hill is a double bassist, producer and improviser. She directs 3 Shades Black, an experimental new music ensemble, and is a founding member of the Flying Tapirs, a performance theatre backing group that made its’ public debut at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2014. Miranda’s main inspiration is the make new and experimental music accessible to anyone, so that everyone can appreciate how awesome it it. Her interests tend toward the experimental and fun, and the new set of challenges that arise when you mix artistic genres with a sense of humour and levity.
Gemma Horbury is a performer, artist and educator with a passion for music that defies genre: her work
 shifts between technological innovation and tradition, yet is underpinned by deep connections to sustainability and developing individual and community capacity through the arts. Gemma is musical director of world music ensemble Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde and regularly performs with groups including Lo-Res and Tek Tek Ensemble.

Monday 16th May 2016

7.30pm at
La Mama Theatre


Box Office & Bar open 6.45pm
$15 full, $10 concession
price includes hot drinks and nibbly treats.
Online Bookings:
Phone Bookings:
(03) 9347 6142 anytime

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Melbourne Drone Orchestra + Cardew's Treatise + Tim Coster at Northcote Uniting Church

On May 7th, the Melbourne Drone Orchestra performed a concert at the Northcote Uniting Church. Ian Parson's curated Cardew's Treatise on the day and Tim Coster performed a positively ephemeral set. Shane van den Akker introduced the MDO with a brilliant bel canto vocal improvisation.

A big thankyou to all involved and all who attended for being downright lovely. The day ran smoothly and we look forward to putting on more events like this in the future.

A special thanks to;

Piers Morgan, Matt Refund, Ian Parsons, Tim Coster, TY, Vivienne Angela, Shane van den Akker, Barry Douglas, Amanda Collins, Rev Peter Batten and the Northcote Uniting Church community. 

Photo below taken by Barry Douglas. See more photos from the day at: Barry Takes Photos (instagram)

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Interzona #1 - Beach of Brunswick - 27 May 2016


Friday 27 May 2016.

Location: The Beach of Brunswick 303 Sydney Rd Brunswick 9pm-3am

FREE entry, pool, arcade games and popcorn.

XENOSINE utilises a modular system & theremin to manufacture ritualistic rhythmic brutality across the audible spectrum. Complex sound responsive visualisations are then produced. Everything is live. 

(forwarded from Tanu Gaijin)