Thursday, 24 April 2014

Coming up at Conduit Arts 7th-31st of May

Coming up in May we have some really exciting gigs happening at Conduit Arts. Some things to keep an eye out for will be.................

A night of duos featuring Dave Brown and Sam McAuliffe and Jon Heilbron and Michaela Davies. Brown and Mcauliffe are regular collaborators whilst Jon Heilbron and Michaela Davies are coming fresh (relatively) from a duo double bass improvised performance as part of the Melbourne Now! exhibition. It should be a great night with two exciting duos. We’ll also be hosting the 3rd installment of Callum G’froerer’s Directly or InDirectly. This will feature an established group in the form of OUTLINE (Ren Walters-guitar, Sam Hall-drums/objects and Jon Heilbron-double bass) as well as a new duo of Callum G’froerer (Trumpet) and James Mclean (Drums) and an exciting performance of solo voice from Jenny Barnes. This is a great new initiative from Callum and shouldn’t be missed.

Further on into the month we’ll have CURRENT. Curated by Ren Walters, CURRENT has been focussed on bringing together electronic and acoustic improvisers to perform as part of new, never before tried trio combinations. This time around Ren will be inviting a dancer to be a part of each trio. The program and concept behind CURRENT is growing  and evolving every time it is held and the prospect of seeing these new groups improvising in the space is very exciting.

Last but certainly not least we have a couple of exciting events rounding out May. Firstly will be Andrea Keebles Ad Hoc music collective presenting “Suite Actuality”. We have been trying to get this happening at Conduit for sometime now and the planets have finally aligned. It’ll be a great piece played by some incredible musicians. There will also be accompanying visuals on the night. Following on from this will be an exciting night featuring a new trio of David Palliser, Greg Wadley and Stevie Richards followed by the amazing Overtone Ensemble.

Lots of exciting stuff on at Conduit this coming May so we hope to see you at an event or two.
For more info and a full program of events see our website or our facebook event

Times and dates of above mentioned gigs are:

Directly or InDirectly #3: Friday May 10th
Mcaullife/Brown and Heilbron/Davies: Wednesday May 14th
CURRENT: Saturday May 17th, 3-11pm
Ad Hoc Music Collective presents “Suite Actuality”: Sunday May 25th

Palliser/Wadley/Richards and the Overtone Ensemble: Friday May 30th

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Re-Think Project with Dave Brown & Sam McAuliffe - Uptown Jazz Cafe - 24 Apr 2014

On Thursday night at Uptown Jazz I’ll be revisiting my twin guitar duo with Sam McAuliffe where we’ll be composing live soundtracks to two short films by Stan Brackage (The Stars Are Beautiful) and Jan Svankmajer (Down In the Cellar).
(forwarded from Dave Brown).

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Will Guthrie shows 22 & 23 Apr 2014

Tuesday 22 April - 8:30pm
Will Guthrie solo
+ Julien Wilson Trio
Bennetts Lane

Wednesday 23 April - 6pm
Will Guthrie, Chris Bekker, Ren Walters
Uptown Jazz Cafe


(forwarded from Will Guthrie)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Anthony Pateras shows 28 & 29 Apr 2014

Very honored to be performing my new solo piano work Blood Stretched Out alongside new work by colleagues Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden in Sydney and Melbourne.  We are variously joined by Will Guthrie, Joesph Talia, Erkki Veltheim and Monica Brooks/Laura Altman in duo formation.

Also duo POLETOPRA with visual artist Marco Fusinato in Melbourne.

28/4: Solo Piano – Church of All Nations, Melbourne
29/4:  Poletopra/Solo Synth – Make It Up Club, Melbourne

(forwarded from Anthony Pateras)

Tuesday April 22nd @ the Make It Up Club

This Tuesday at MIUC we have another outrĂ©core evening of sounds from the outer reaches of the sonoverse, featuring a bounteous four performances situated variously across the electric-acoustic textural spectrum. French datawizard Yvan Volochine was kind enough to grace the Make It Up stage a month and a half ago and is back once more to blast us with supercollisions of audial algorithms and synthetic streams for ears. Lowest Common Denominator spread the auditory plague that is their pandemoniac musicultural dicing-and-reassembling, applying the time-tested anything-goes approach to sound sorcery, gallantly striving for the ultimate in experimenial annoytainment. Antique Crumbling Framework is the unholy union of two distinctly blackened brains, Chris LG Hill and Peter James, torturing impedimenta to invoke bestial abstractions and a sufficiently fatalistic soundtrack for the coming winter. And Kevin CK Lo is a veritable incongruity no matter what one's auricular standpoint, but for those addicted to unorthodoxy and virtuosic perplexity it would be difficult to evoke many more mystifying young Melbournian improvers than he. 

Yvan Volochine [FRA] (Supercollider)
Lowest Common Denominator feat. Ennio Swaggart (Electronics) & Elron Mancini (Annoytainment)
Antique Crumbling Framework feat. Christopher LG Hill & Peter ''Poidaaa'' James (Electronics)
Kevin CK Lo (Violin/Flute/Flucc'd)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
22/4: Lowest Common Denominator; Antique Crumbling Framework; Kevin CK Lo
29/4: Poletopra; Anthony Pateras (BEL); Marco Fusinato; Francis Plagne; Shit to the Spirit
6/5: Charles Ives Singers w/ Tarquin Manek & Michael Zulicki; Dylan Martorell; Dale Gorfinkel
13/5: Phonetic Orchestra; Jon Heilbron, Reuben Lewis & Christian Windfeld; Jon Heilbrin & Michaela Davies
20/5: Cocks Arquette w/ Marco Fusinato & Sean Baxter; Samaan Fieck, Ben Harrison & Dave Brown; Swift Treweeke & Mat Blackwell
27/5: Ian Parsons presents an evening of Cardew's Treatise
3/6: Pausa II feat.Adrian Sheriff & Brigid Burke; Freya Schack-Arnott, Tom Toner & Jenny Barnes
10/6: Tracey [BRIS] feat. Nicola Morton, Bonnie Hart & Marisa Allen; Muura [BRIS]
17/6: Nekrasov; Sooterkin Flesh

Friday, 11 April 2014

REFUND CURATES MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 26th April 2014

"Great musical performances leave you with a sense that time and space has been ripped out from under you... Sounds pile up against each other and hit you with an emotional force that becomes bigger than the sum of its parts... You see the performer putting everything they have into their brief time with an audience to feed off their energy... For 3 hours in a basement I'm going to make sure that happens" - Refund.

“Musician and filmmaker Vijay Thillaimuthu (aka Xenosine is working right in the analog space of defunct technologies” - Jake Wilson, The Age. Xenosine is an audio-visual artist that creates the perception of a synaesthetic relationship between sound and video in his work. This relationship is exemplified by the fact that what you are seeing and what you are hearing are both created by the same analogue voltage, whether it is being turned into vibrations via a speaker cone or used as a means to accelerate and deflect electrons in a cathode ray tube television or oscilloscope. His method is by modular synthesis combined with signal feedback, fed through springs via transducers, mixed with voltage rendered from video signals and so on, a system that is ever expanding like the behaviour of synaptic networks.

Buried in an era of paradoxical ineptitude & proficiency, Anon Speak have no place. They fall neither in a bracket of accomplishment nor failure; they simply rely on their ability to deconstruct contemporary music, reinterpreting the pieces into loosely cohesive structures. Subjectively categorized under hip-hop, the duo don’t disillusion themselves into thinking otherwise. They have a trajectory that can be defined by you, however where it leads…

Abre Ojos invokes the elements of this world and the next through deep frequencies of sound and light. Brutal meditation to match this brutal world. The gates have fractured and the bounty is yours.

Refund is a modular synthesist, Tracker Veteran, and former lead guitarist of the math metal band dropbunny: Shane Van Dan Akker is a workhorse vocalist and performer, and among one of the most active musician in the melbourne noise scene: Together they will be taking their respective talents to all the extremes that their instruments, speakers, and bodies will allow. Snarls will be juxtaposed against drones, manic laughter offset to electronic counterpoint, and screams fighting against 808 kick drums.

Entry Cost: $5 Concession / $10 Regular
4pm Sat 26th April 2014
GB Hotel BASEMENT 447 Church St Richmond