Friday, 6 May 2016


Avantwhatever Monthly – May 2016

Clinton Green
Tim Coster
Todd Anderson-Kunert

The Alderman
134 Lygon St
Wednesday May 18
Entry $10 | 7pm for a 7:30pm start

Performer details:

Clinton Green

Clinton Green is an Australian artist/musician who has worked at the fringes of music and noise since the early 1990s. He writes on experimental music, and has published a novel and numerous short stories/novellas.

Tim Coster

Tim Coster explores subtle shades of sine-wave tonality like a perfumer in a library of tiny bottles.\

Todd Anderson-Kunert

My name is Todd Anderson-Kunert.
I'm currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
I perform/exhibit internationally as much as time/finances permit.
I am self represented.
I'm open to releasing on labels.
I'm open to exhibiting in your space.
I'm open to performing in your space.
I'm open to collaboration.

Drum and Waste

In 2014, prolific plunderphonic pirate queen Buttress O'Kneel decide that what would be really cool would be to test her mad real-time CD destruction/manipulation skillz in a jam environment with someone else playing drums - frenetic acoustic beats versus glitchcore samplophonic wizardry.  So she decided to make it happen.

The first release (entitled "Drum and Waste") featured herself and ubiquitous sound-gnome A Demon Sheen on the skins (drummer for RAKSHASA/FORGOTTEN CAIRNS/GNAUMGN/BADCOPBADCOP etc), and may indeed have invented the new genre "thrash-up" all on its own: the result was a grindcore-influenced mess of distortion and glitch, with moments of actual "music" punctuating the madness.

Two years later, and Buttress has done it again, this time teaming up with Melbourne prunk goddess Jen Tait (ex-GO GENRE EVERYTHING, currently drumming for "mindfulness meditation metal" band INTRINSIC LIGHT, as well as looping guitars in solo project SQUIRREL PANCAKE, and a bunch more).  This time, although there are still explosions of unbridled chaos, the general vibe is more rhythmic and minimalist.  But yes - enough talking about it, have a listen. 

(Like all of Ms O'Kneel's work, these two albums are Pay What You Like - accessible for the pauper and the politician alike.)

Drum and Waste, Volume 1 (B'O'K and A Demon Sheen)

Drum and Waste, Volume 2 (B'O'K and Jen Tait)


The experimental duet called GNAUMGN (pronounced "nom", based on the Crowleyian spelling ("aumgn") of the Sacred Spiritual Incantation "om") is comprised of Melbourne experimental veterans A Demon Sheen / A D Machine (HAARK, GRIST, INTRINSIC LIGHT, STINKY PICNIC, ILI PIKA, etc) and David Prescott-Steed (GWELE, MELBOURNE DRONE ORCHESTRA, SECTORAL, DIABOLICAL DEVICE, LE VIDE, etc).   The duet improvise across a wide palette of genres and instrumentations, in a style-free exploration of both music and non-music, that has so far included guitars, music boxes, drums, violins, trampolines, rockpools, marbles, voice, toy pianos, harmoniums, synthesisers, cardboard tubes, arghuls, field recordings, distorted contact mics, drum machines, metronomes, bells, reel-to-reel machines, and so on.  Nothing is out of bounds for GNAUMGN, and there are no rules.  They have even made experimental recordings through time and space, recording improvisations separated by 174 kilometres and several days (see the Remote Listening experiments on their Bandcamp page).

But this post is about their City Trilogy. 

The third and final release in the City Trilogy, "Ketemahuingatoru", is now available.  For fans of Nurse with Wound, Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz, etc, the City Trilogy is an eclectic collection of glitchy improvisations performed in World Famous Guitar and Plunger Studios (Gippsland) and Diabolical Device Studios (Northcote).  The City Trilogy captures not only one-of-a-kind performances of Gnaumgnic Ritual and Ego-death, but is peppered also with urban field recordings of road works, tram rides, station announcements, and other forgotten/ignored Sounds of the City.

Available now, pay what thou wilt.

DISC 1: Trilox√≠anacathrach
DISC 2: Driolegcidade
DISC 3: Ketemahuingatoru

Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Noise from HARAAM - GHARAR

Extremist corporate satire?  Dangerous terrorist motivation-aides?  Just more meaningless noise? 

Australian sound-artists HARAAM have released yet another in their series of pro-capitalist / pro-terrorist music-free "albums", focusing on the shadowy terrain where harsh noise, dark ambient, experimental drone, and minimalised field recordings meet.  The latest release, "Gharar", is available for free (pay what thou wilt) on the Bandcamp platform, and pre-empts their highly-anticipated live performance at the Black Mountain festival in later June this year.   Stay tuned...


"A gharar transaction occurs where one party can only benefit by the other's loss, under conditions of uncertainty.

Commercial insurance is given as an example of this, since either the insured pays a premium and receives no countervalue, or the insurer pays out much more on a claim than was received by way of premium.

In finance, gharar is observed within derivative transactions, such as forwards, futures and options, in short selling, and in speculation."

Latest Vicmod album by Cray - A Silent Burst

Vicmod Records is back with a new release from Melbourne artist Cray. Cray's new album A Silent Burst, features loads of modular gear such as a Buchla Modular system, Buchla Music Easel, Euro Modular and the Serge Modular.

Check it out here.

You can also check out Cray's previous album ReJETTE on Game Of Life Records

Vicmod Records will be releasing an album a month. We love Avant Electronics.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

'The station and the underclass' by The Phonetic Orchestra

'The station and the underclass' by The Phonetic Orchestra.
Recorded at the Vigeland Mausoleum, Olso.
Available for download through InSub records:

Sunday May 15th
BOWLINES - Helen Mountfort, Hope Csutoros, Ernie Gruner (violin, viola, cello)
4pm, Reid Room, 75 Reid St, North Fitzroy or at door $15/10
Next Bowlines concert features Helen Mountfort, Hope Csutoros, Ernie Gruner improvising sweet, moody and surprising music on violin, viola and cello. Their collective musical flights of fancy draw inspiration from many sources including classical and world music, the audience and the environment.
Original cross-genre music from three eclectic string players, heard in My Friend the Chocolate Cake , Stiletto Sisters , Bohemian Nights and more.

Enquiries : or  0418549631